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    FactFinders is top rated professional private investigator agency in Pakistan. The experts can conduct detailed investigation services and deliver the best results.  Our primary focus is to provide top-class professional detective facilities at affordable charges. Obviously, with a highly qualified and experienced team, we have the latest technologies used in investigations to get accurate and effective findings. The results are honest and transparent to settle the mysteries and uncovered truths. Contact Factfinders to avail best private detective Pakistan services at affordable prices.

    Private Investigator in Pakistan

    Moreover, The experts have decades of practical experience in detective tasks for personal problems like missing person racing, pre-marital screening, cheating spouse investigations, and domestic violence cases. The organizational concerns and issues are resolved quickly with authentic results. The private investigation firm has active head offices in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Thousands of success stories are associated with our specialist’s competency and skills. The customers are satisfied with personalized services from both male and female staff. The surveillance reports are delivered in a 100% confidential environment. The identity of the help seeker is always kept hidden for privacy protection.

    Private Investigator Services in Pakistan

    When the lender fails to pay the instalments for the release of vehicles at a scheduled time, the bank or any financing agency has legal rights to act against them. The most applicable process is to take back the car/motorbike and sell it to recover the amount. The repossession process adopted by local companies is exhausting and time taking. Hiring skilled private detectives in Pakistan to settle such disputes is a much better approach.  First, try to receive the payments on time without delay. In case of postponing, don’t wait for more amount default. Contact professional Private Investigators and FactFinders to repossess the vehicle.  We effectively recovered the payments and released automobiles for clients from different sectors:

      • Banks/financing institutions
      • Vehicle tracking companies
      • Debt recovery agencies
      • Vehicle dealers
      • Local customers

    Private Investigator Company in Pakistan

    The financing companies and banks have some instructions and guidelines to apply for the release of the vehicle in instalments. They have different payment plans and requirements for such an exciting service. The customer has to provide the following documents and a copy of credentials. Contact factfinders if you are looking for reliable and high quality private Investigator services in Lahore.

      • The applicant must fill out the application form with his signature and provide original details.
      • Attested copy of National Identity Card and two recent photographs.
      • Undertaking to pay monthly liabilities.
      •  Salary slips and employment letter. In the case of a self-employed person, gives business details and tax paying evidence.
      • Bank statement for the previous six months.

    The banks and financing companies have on-panel competent private detective agencies for background checks of the customers. FactFinders also delivers its best in the verification, screening, and recovery sector.

    Best Vehicle Recover Private Investigation

    Furthermore, we have the best and technically sound private investigators crew. They conduct surveillance and activity checks to trace the defaulters. The professional has years of expertise, innovative equipment, and gears to give a 100% success rate. Furthermore, The experts are competent and authorised to cross-match the lender-provided information: the most practical ways the private investigators adopt to recover motor-vehicle and due payment from the defaulter.

    Vehicle Accidents Checks

    Without a doubt, people show fake incidents of road accidents to save themselves from paying instalments. They also claim for the automobile insurance plan. The client is asked to provide solid evidence, mostly taken a right after the crash. The police reports are a helpful clue. The witness interview is quite authentic, and the words have eye-witness statements.

    Tracking of Lost Autoamobiles

    Especially, the professional is an expert in tracking the stolen car or bicycle. They have complete access to online databases of vehicle records. The locations of the car are recorded into the CCTV photogates of the traffic signals, and on other devices, the screen shorts are received. Obviously, the latest technologies of GPS tracking systems need to have a built-in feature of recent models.

    Locate Bank Defaulters

    In exceptional cases, the hackers are so clever in verifying fogy documents. They successfully received the vehicle and paid a few months’ instalments. However, they disappear after taking the trust of the company. Factfinder’s best investigators in Pakistan are skilled in tracing such defaulters. Mostly, these people hide, but we are vigilant to find the lender quickly.

      • Furthermore, they are delivered the written notice to pay the due amount in a defined time. After meeting the affected company executives, the timelines are prolonged with relaxation to extend.
      • Indeed, if the first written notice remains unattended. We are liable to send them two more times.
      • Afterwards, police officials have hired to repose the bank-owned automobile. Private detectives approach law enforcement agencies to make arrests of guilty.
      •  The repossessed vehicle is sold out to get the lost money.

    Record Tracing

    Also, the defaulters sometimes need to find automobiles in other cities. The records of tracks are generated from the toll plazas. The experts of Factfinder’s best private detective agency completely understand practical investigation strategy. However, one approach could be more effective for fast and result-oriented findings. They work on multi rounds to get to the facts.


    The specialists perform their best in the recovery of bank-released assets. They conduct discreet surveillance to collect naked truths, analyse the findings logically and interpret the most probable outcomes. The reports of following the suspect persons are well compiled to reach the missing ends to solve the tangles of situations.

    Hire Best Private Investigator in Pakistan

    Indeed, Private investigation agencies are the most suitable options for recovering bank-released assets. FactFinders, the best detecting service of Pakistan cross, utilized multiple resources of remote databases, tracking techniques, analytical observations of situations, interview witnesses, and surveillance. These professional approaches help get fast and authentic results. We have endless collaborations with some banks and financing companies.

    Therefore, if you are an individual client who needs to run automobile recovery services, you can avail of professional and capable investigation approaches by contacting us on the company website and phone.    Our private investigator team has excellent tracking, recording, and following skills. They deliver the results in the fastest span. Moreover, we are available 24/7 in major cities of Pakistan and entertain customers remotely all over the country.


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