Is it legal to play online fantasy sports league games in India?

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    Gamers can make money by putting their gaming skills and knowledge to use. At Indian dream sports stages such as login and app, the day by daydream adaptation is prevalent. To participate in a challenge, managers must pay an entry fee, with the prize money decided by the stage. From among the 11 participants, the directors must choose a commander and chief-commander, and their presentation usually includes a few more highlights. The Manager with the most notable focuses wins at the end of the game.

    Fantasy sports league activities on the internet (“Fantasy Games”) are growing in popularity and attracting an increasing number of investors. The recent shutdown in India and around the world has put a halt to sporting activity, which has impacted the global777 Fantasy Games company. Notwithstanding the industry’s struggles with the impact of COVID-19, this paper examines current events in India about the legality of such Fantasy Games, which could have a far-reaching impact on the business.

    While the governments of Telangana, Assam, and Odisha make no differentiation or exception for skill games, this categorisation is crucial in determining legality in other Indian states.


    Fantasy Sports is a game of talent rather than chance. The Supreme Court of India, like the Supreme Court of the United States, has used the “predominance test” in several judgements to analyze the character of a specific game. The player’s expert identifies a skill game, and the player decides how the game will end. While random causes decide the outcome of a game of chance, chance determines the occurrence and non-occurrence of that event.

    The Supreme Court clarified in the case of State of Andra Pradesh v. Satyanarayana[1] that rummy is not a game of chance because it involves the shuffling and dealing of cards that do not follow a fixed pattern and are instead based on the position of the card when it is shuffled. As a result, we can’t say that a round of Rummy has every potential outcome. It is, first and foremost, a talent show.

    Fantasy Sports Legality

    As in the case of Dr. K.R.Lakshmanan v. State of Tamil Nadu[2], the Supreme Court held that horse racing is a game of skill, not chance, because the bettors’ capacity is being assessed, as well as information about the horse’s health, expertise, jockey, and so on, the Supreme Court held here that where the success of competitions depends on a substantial degree of skill, it is not gambling, because the game is prepone.

    The Punjab & Haryana High Court considered this issue in Varun Gumbert v. Union Territory of Chandigarh (2017 Cri LJ 3827) and found that playing Fantasy Games online was a skill game. The Supreme Court did not hear an appeal against this verdict. In Gurdeep Singh Sachar v. Union of India ((2019) 75 GST 258 (Bombay)), the Bombay High Court reached a similar conclusion, as did the Rajasthan High Court in Chandresh Sankhla v. State of Rajasthan (2020 SCC Online Raj 264).

    The Supreme Court denied the Union of India’s special leave plea, which was filed in response to the Bombay High Court’s decision in Gurdeep Singh Sachar. However, in a December 13, 2019 judgment, Justices R. F. Nariman and S. R. Bhat allowed the Union of India to pursue a limited review petition against GST avoidance with the Bombay High Court.

    Fantasy Sports Regulations

    The state of Maharashtra also filed a special leave petition to challenge the Bombay High Court’s decision. The panel stayed the ruling of the Bombay High Court and scheduled an admission hearing for March 6, 2020. As a result, as the appeal advances, the Supreme Court is likely to reconsider the whole Bombay High Court decision in Gurdeep Singh Sachar.

    While the decisions of the Punjab and Haryana High Courts and the Rajasthan High Court remain in force, the Supreme Court’s approach in the appeal from the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Varun Gumber, as well as Justice R. F. Nariman’s orders in the Bombay High Court appeals in Gurdeep Singh Sachar, provide some solace. The Supreme Court’s recent decision to consider the appeal, though, may create some confusion.

    It’s unclear whether the Supreme Court will revisit the legality of lotus book 247 login Fantasy Games or simply focus on their taxability.


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